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Raclette du Haut Livradois - (Approx 160g wedge)

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Made from the rich and floral raw milk of cows grazing in Haut-Livradois. Balanced sweetness and sharpness of the sturdy, elastic paste gently collide into a long nutty finish.

Almost a slightly wet (it sometimes looks like little tears oozing out of the cheese) chewy density with a fine nutty texture. Perfect for eating as a table cheese and also as one of the cheeses to use for fondue.

We previously had a Swiss raceltte at the store, which explains the comments from a review below!

Price is $4.95 per 100g.

Origin:  France

Producer:  Société Fromagère du Livradois

Milk:  Raw cow

Rennet Type:  Animal

Age:  2-4 months

Look: Thin, brownish-orange colored rind, and a yellow-ivory creamy texture.

Feel:  Semi-soft and creamy.  A superb melter.

Smell:  Fruity aromas

Taste:   Milky, sweet, nutty, fruity, strong

Pairs well with:  Fruit (wrap it in the cheese), melted on bread or over potatoes and smoked meat. Serve with pickles or onions.

Tastes good with:  Pinot Gris or any dry or fruity white wine

origin: France
ingredients: Unpasteurised cow's milk, salt, rennet.

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