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Bucha Brew Kombucha - Mint & Algae

Bucha Brew Kombucha - Mint & Algae

  • $399

What Is Kombucha?

It is a healthy fermented drink made from organic green & black teas, flavoured with whole organic ingredients. Kombucha has slightly bubbly notes is a probiotic and is a great low calorie alternative.

Why Drink Bucha Brew?

Because it tastes delicious! And more importantly - it is good for you. Bucha Brew dry ferments their Kombucha to ensure the maximum amount of probiotics & healthy bacteria and minimum amounts of caffeine and sugar. Whether you are looking for a pre or post workout boost, hangover recovery, or just a nice light fizzy thirst quencher in the afternoon make sure you have a Bucha Brew on hand.

Drinking Bucha Brew may help with...
  • Joint problems- arthritis, rheumatism, and gout
  • Obesity- balancing the metabolism and encourages calorie restriction
  • Energy levels- improves oxygen flow to tissues
  • Hypertension- prevents headaches and dizziness
  • Gut health- reduces bloating, increases the good bacteria to aid in digestion

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