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BenesseHealth Marine Collagen

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Benesse Pure Marine Collagen provides the essential nutrients required to support optimal skin structure and promote healthy radiant skin.

Millions of people worldwide make Marine Collagen a part of their daily diet to promote overall health and wellness and specifically promote healthy skin, nails and joints. Benesse Pure Marine Collagen Peptide has an average molecular weight of 3 kDa which is characterized by highly refined particles and lower molecular weight which has increased bioavailability and high digestibility. The unique amino acid composition of Benesse Pure Marine Collagen has high concentrations of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline which are the essential nutritional components which promote healthy radiant skin.

Anti-aging Effect on Human Skin

Marine Collagen hydrolysate has an anti-aging effect on human skin. A recent clinical trial demonstrated a significant increase in skin elasticity in a group of women aged 35-55 years. 

Reducing Skin Wrinkles

The same group of scientists from the University of Kiel, Germany, also demonstrated a significant reduction in skin wrinkles after daily consumption of Marine Collagen hydrolysate.

Increased Moisture Level in the Skin

A comprehensive study of the effect of oral collagen peptide supplement on skin-aging involving clinical trials in women showed a positive effect on increased skin moisturization. Marine collagen peptides were shown to increase the skin moisture level by 12% in a period of 8 weeks. A consistent increase in the skin collagen density over 12 weeks was confirmed by increased dermal echogenicity. Ex vivo studies confirmed the results of the clinical trials and showed an increased amount of water-binding glycosaminoglycans and collagen content in human skin explants incubated with fish collagen peptides. (Reference 2)

Collagen has been identified as the key structural protein which promotes thicker hair, healthy nails and skin.

Protecting Hair Against Chemical Damage

In a study with 62 human test subjects, fish-derived collagen peptides were shown to have a positive effect on the skin moisture content. The same study documented the transdermal penetration ability of those collagen peptides and show increased abilities for fish collagen peptides in the range of 3.5-4.5 k Da. In hair, the collagen peptides diffuse into the fibrous hair cells.

Supporting Healthy Joint Function and Mobility

Our bodies are an intricate assembly of tendons, ligaments and joints. The benefits of Marine Collagen are well documented as a means of promoting overall joint health which in turn improves overall joint comfort and mobility. In addition to our age; fitness and exercise cause strain on our muscles and joints which can lead to collagen depletion in our bodies. The daily consumption of Marine Collagen plays a vital part of a healthy diet and exercise routine. It provides the ideal source of protein to support healthy joints as well and a source of protein to help with recovery post work-out.

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