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Donia Farms Grass Fed Butter - Sea Salted - 250g

Donia Farms Grass Fed Butter - Sea Salted - 250g

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Grass Fed Products

Donia Farms is about harbouring an environment that promotes health, comfort, and happiness. These are essential ingredients to ensuring our cows produce wholesome milk for you to enjoy.

Throughout the year our cows have access to outside, in the summer they can freely choose between the pasture and the comfy beds inside our spacious barn. During the winter they have access to our outside patios at the back of our barns to enjoy the good weather days.

The cow's health and well being is the heart and soul of our family's farm; it is essential to us that do what is best for them, every day we offer them the best diet we can. The diet for our grass-fed cows is made up of 80% dry hay; the other 20% is energy and supplements to ensure they are getting all their requirements. With that diet, we can promote good health for your cows and give you the best in grass-fed.

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