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HOTRO Essentials - Deluxe French Cornichons - 125g - $4.49 -

HOTRO Essentials - Deluxe French Cornichons - 125g - $4.49

  • $449

There's something special about the acidity, the bite that Vilux French Gherkins (cornichons) in Vinegar has! They're not sugary or sweet like American sandwich pickles you might be used to, they're a tiny sour briny treat that can go with just about anything. Pick up some pt and serve them together, having that richness play off each other. The best thing about these cornichons, or pickles, is that they're pickled while they're tiny. Bite sized with a thin skin, they have tiny seeds that just pop and crunch and melt in your mouth. Yum! What's the Difference between French Cornichons and Pickles? Any cucumber marinated in vinegar is a pickle, but a pickle by any other name (cornichon, gherkin or kosher) is just as good! Cornichons are tiny pickled cucumbers that are best paired with cold cuts, fish and smoked meats.

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