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Olie Naturals New Beginnings - Organic Fermented Herbal Probiotic Drink -

Olie Naturals New Beginnings - Organic Fermented Herbal Probiotic Drink

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A Refreshing Blend of Nature's Principals, Tradition, Science, Innovation


and Common Sense


Olie™ Naturals New Beginnings™ is a certified organic European, fermented, herbal, probiotic drink that links old traditions, innovative technologies and global leaders in the art and science of probiotics.

New Beginnings™ contains a blend of 7 carefully selected active bacterial cultures and 19 herbs. A unique, gentle, fermentation process yields this dynamic and complex mixture designed to remain viable and functional as it travels throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

What Makes New BeginningsUnique?

New Beginnings™ is produced in Denmark where it was developed over 20 years ago and is now sold and enjoyed in over 25 countries. New Beginnings™ was developed with the objective to offer people around the world a certified organic concentrated drink containing some of Nature’s most brilliant creations: herbs and living lactic acid bacteria.

The lactic acid bacteria are cultured under ideal conditions in a medium of pristine water, organic molasses and herbs. Each ingredient is selected for purity and vitality. The ingredients are gently fermented during the production time and is this time the molasses sugar is converted into organic acids, which naturally preserves the product and makes it sugar free.

Technology and science have provided us with cutting edge research on the exciting benefits that probiotic bacteria provide... but the most important nutritional probiotic health breakthrough in history was really discovered long ago, in the traditional wisdom of preparing and preserving of our food. Much of this knowledge has been forgotten or replaced, but is very much needed to help balance our stress-filled lifestyles and modern diets. New Beginnings™ probiotic links old tradition, innovation and ethically wise food preparation.

Why are probiotics so important? Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms (good bacteria) that in adequate amounts provide multiple health benefits to both the digestive and immune systems. Our ancestors obtained these beneficial bacteria from living closer to nature and from their diets. Today's modern day living, diet and medications may compromise these microorganisms, affecting their essential work in establishing whole body health. New Beginnings™ natural fermentation process creates a living system that offers modern families a unique, natural food approach to the beneficial world of probiotics.

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