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Wild Mountain Chocolate Bar (choose your favourite below)

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Peru is a large source of fine flavoured cocoa. Recently, with discoveries in the remote Maranon region Peru has a reputation for genetic diversity of cacao enhancing its reputation as an excellent source for craft chocolate makers. The Peruvian chocolate industry is taking off with it currently supplying 2% of the world’s demand. Most Peruvian chocolate is grown on small family run farms. These farmers therefore lack bargaining power to achieve a good price. Wild Mountain chocolate is made from Fair Trade certified cacao ensuring the farmers are paid a higher price for their product than were they selling on the commodity market.

The chocolate made from their Peruvian sourced beans is lightly fruit with a more mellow flavour profile. It is a great introduction to the world of craft chocolate.


Our very own Chocolate Maker Glen Davies visited Ecuador in summer of 2016 and therefore Ecuador sourced beans were a “must have” for Wild Mountain Chocolate. Ecuador used to be world’s largest producer of cocoa supplying the Spanish empire and Europe with their chocolate needs. The plants were all but wiped out approximately 100 years ago and its only just in the last 15 years Ecuador is beginning to regain its place on the world chocolate stage. Ecuador produces 5% of the worlds crop and is an important source for fine flavoured cocoa.

Our Ecuador chocolate has a more dramatic flavour profile than our other varieties. You will be amazed chocolate can have this much flavour.


Madagascar has been described as the Jewel in Africa’s cacao-growing crown. Cacao has been grown in Madagascar since the 1800s and produces a fruity fine flavoured cocoa sought after by craft chocolate producers.

Madagascar is unique compared to other cacao growing regions in Africa, as not only is cacao grown on the island, it is refined and made into fine chocolate by Madagascar based chocolatiers. The fine flavour has helped development of its high end chocolate industry resulting in a more equitable treatment of workers within the industry.

Wild Mountain is fortunate to have procured some of the best Madagascan cocoa beans from the Akesson plantation in the Sambirano Valley. Akesson cocoa is a favourite of craft chocolate makers and chocolate from these beans has won numerous prestigious awards.

We are proud to offer this fruity, naturally sweet chocolate in our 30gram and 85

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