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Natural Source Pure + Essential Oils Epsom Salt (Ingestible) + Canada Postage

Natural Source Pure + Essential Oils Epsom Salt (Ingestible) + Canada Postage

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ure Natural - 2.2lbs
Canadian Epsom Salt Products
Natural Source Epsom salt is extracted from an ancient underground deposit in Europe.This natural Epsom salt is one of only a few natural deposits in the world and is recognized for it’s exceptional purity. The fine crystal dissolves quickly for a truly therapeutic bath. When using our Natural Source Epsom Salt, you can be assured you have one of the finest, uncontaminated, chemically pure Epsom Salt available. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is reputed to aid in easing sore muscles and joints, restlessleg syndrome and insomnia. Both magnesium and sulphates are absorbed through the
skin and are vital to many body functions. Magnesium is an electrolyte critical to ensuring
proper muscle, nerve and enzyme activity. Sulphates are needed for the formation of
brain tissue, joint proteins and the walls of the digestive tract and are crucial for the
generation of digestive enzymes. Epsom salts assist in the elimination of metabolic compounds such as lactic and uric acid and helps to detoxify the body. It neutralizes static electricity build-up in our bodies from sources such as dry rooms, clothing and vehicles. It is a mild and gentle deodorant that does not disturb the skins natural balance. Analysis shows that our Epsom salts contain very low heavy metal content. Lead content in our salt has been analyzed at 4 mg/kg or lower, less then half of what is found in synthetic salt, which can range from 8-20 mg/kg of lead. Remarkably, even
US Pharmaceutical food grade Epsom salt allows up to 10mg/kg of lead. These Epsom salts
are also certified Kosher. We have substantial anecdotal information that our natural, chemically pure salts work better than USP Epsom salts. With regular use of our salts, one can expect significant improvement in skin conditions including eczema. Pure Natural Canadian Epsom Salt Products pure Promotes deeper sleep, relieves pain and stress, improves skin health and function, detoxifies. Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate pentahydrate). Our Epsom salt is a wonder of nature. A unique marriage of magnesium and sulphate. It is packaged with no oils for people who are sensitive to fragrances. Virtually free of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and cadmium; Natural Source Pure Epsom Salt is a perfect compliment to a detoxification or skin health program.
Pure relief Promotes deeper sleep, relieves pain and stress, Natural Epsom Salt improves skin health and function, detoxifies. And essential oil therapeutic bath This bath wins accolades from many people; both men and women. The essential oil formula enhances the attributes of Epsom Salt and are added at a “therapeutic level”. The Aroma elevates the mood and clams the mind. Our oil blend is analgesic, ant-inflammatory and improves skin conditions.