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Organic & Grass Fed Meats

Our local suppliers (100-mile diet friendly) are usually in and around Chilliwack. We work with small farms, on a personal one to one basis, so we can interact with the farmers and undertake a study of the treatment and feeding of the animals we buy. It is our mandate to purchase animals that are well cared for, well fed (Non GMO feed is a must!), and treated humanely when sent to slaughter. Our customers can rely on our experience and knowledge of the farms and farmers to ensure they receive the highest quality meats, respected humanely. Many farms are not certified organic, but practice their farming according to certified organic standards or higher with sustainable farming in mind. These farms are grass fed and finished with no grain for beef, lamb, bison and pastured for poultry where indicated. Our rating system explains our buying policy and how we manage our realtionships with the farms we work with.