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Weekly Groceries

At Home on the Range Organics we like to save you money! So when you commit to a weekly grocery delivery of $75 or more not only will we deliver your order for free, but we will also give you a 5% discount on top!!


The Daily Grind

This fabulous weekly grocery pack comes with 7 fresh different types of meat, including grass-fed beef, elk, bison, lamb, alongside free-range, antibiotic & hormone free chicken, turkey, and pork. Check it out!


The Mad Brit Pack

This convenient weekly grocery pack comes with 1 turkey pot pie, 1 beef and stilton pot pie, 1 chicken mushroom bacon pot pie, 1 shepherds pie, 1 chicken apple sausage, and 1 lamb spinach feta sausage. Look at this offer now.


The Organic Poultry Pack

The Organic Poultry Pack is a local's favourite, featuring only free-range, antibiotic & hormone free meats. It includes 1 whole chicken, 1 pack chicken thighs, 1 pack chicken wieners, 1 pack turkey breast, 1lb ground turkey, 1lb ground chicken, 1 chicken bone broth.

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The Paleo Pack

This delicious selection of groceries includes 2 lime chorizos, 2 mild bierbeisser, 1 pack lamb chops, 1lb stew beef, 1 ribeye steak, 1lb ground lamb, 1 striploin, 1 whole chicken, and 1 pack wild boar sliders.

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