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HOTRO Signature New Zealand Grass-Fed Salted Butter 1lb

HOTRO Signature New Zealand Grass-Fed Salted Butter 1lb -

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The primary health benefit is that the omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of grass fed milk is significantly improved (up to 300%) in comparison to that of non-grass fed milk. Less omega-6, and more omega-3 means more health benefits from omega-3, the healthy fats! Considering the omega-3 content of grass fed milk has been shown to be 3x that found in milk from cows fed a diet comprised primarily of corn silage, you can feel good knowing our milk can contribute to a healthier you.

Grass feeding practices have also been shown to increase the content of CLA in milk by over 5x, when compared with a total mixed ration diet. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fat in dairy and some meat products. Surveys conducted show its health promoting effects in obesity, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation, and some types of cancer.

Made in New Zealand

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