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Chef Allen Dashi Bone Broth -

Chef Allen Dashi Bone Broth

  • $1050

Voted Vancouver's #1 favourite Beef bone Broth by an independent panel.

Our signature dashi bone broth comes in a 750ml pouch that is usually frozen and is prepared by our kitchen team. Cost per 750ml pouch is $10.50

Making broth is an 18-72 hour process and involved roasting bones after extracting nutrients using apple cider vinegar. Then we simmer for 12 hours, drain and simmer again for 6 further hours. The end result is a highly gelatinous, nutritious and tasty broth without equal in Vancouver.

Our dashi is a very unique product. Our recipe combines two products to make a very special broth. Firstly we make a pastured pork broth (very popular for ramen noodle dishes), and then we blend this with our more traditional Japanese broth.


This broth is made using kelp and blending with bonito flakes (dried & cured fish). We also add ginger, chilies, garlic, nitrate free bacon, and a small amount of gluten free tamari. We also include sesame oil.

5 Star rating:

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