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Chef Allen Dashi Bone Broth -

Dashi Bone Broth

Bone Broth - Home on the Range Organics

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Our signature dashi bone broth comes in a 750ml pouch. 

Our dashi is a very unique product. Our recipe combines two products to make a very special broth. Firstly we make a pastured pork broth (very popular for ramen noodle dishes), and then we blend this with our more traditional Japanese broth made from bonito flakes(dried & cured fish). 


This broth is made using kelp and blending with bonito flakes (dried & cured fish), blended with our pork broth. Also has ginger, Kombu(kelp), bacon, shiitake mushrooms, black peppercorns and cloves.

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Dashi Bone Broth

Dashi Bone BrothDashi Bone BrothDashi Bone BrothDashi Bone BrothDashi Bone Broth

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