Collection: Pet Products

A section devoted to your 4-legged friend 



- try our tallow for a paw balm for soothing dry cracked paw pads 




- our bones are just right for a quality chew (only give raw bones to your dog, do not give cooked bones to dogs as they can splinter and cause choking)


** if you require a specific size of marrow bone please let us know and we can have it cut to size for you. There may be a slightly 1-2 days wait time.  Available 4-12” in size. 
our marrow bones come split to expose the marrow. 



dogs love chicken feet. Simply thaw and give them one. Excellent source of collagen  



BEEF PET BROTH (no onions /no garlic)

- our pet broth is made with your furry friend in mind, so it does not contain our usual onions and garlics found in our signature broths. Add to food to soften and add more flavour to kibbles or to rehydrate freeze dried raw.