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Chef Allen’s Famous Duck Crack (LIMIT 2)

Chef Allen’s Famous Duck Crack (LIMIT 2) -

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Chef Allen’s Famous Duck Crack is now available online!


First come first served!  Comes in 80 gram packages 

Limit 2 per customer per order. We reserve the right to limit to ensure everyone has opportunity to enjoy this delicious treat. 

Sprinkle it on salads, or just eat it like a snack. 

made fresh in small batches. 

ingredients: duck skin, pink salt. 

The Vancouver store is temporarily closed due to the City of Vancouver issuing an "Unsafe to Occupy" notice to all businesses located in our building. We anticipate another four weeks of closure. In the meantime we are packing and delivering all online orders for free, if you are in the Lower Mainland, and with a minimum $50 purchase.

please place your order as normal. We will typically deliver on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but with the store closure we are adding additional times for deliveries. We may also be able to offer some pickup options, and will communicate this to you if and when it is available. Please be patient with us as we are trying our best to accommodate all orders. Someone from our team will reach out with options for deliveries.