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Chemin Hatley Road (La Station) Organic, Raw Milk

Chemin Hatley Road (La Station) Organic, Raw Milk

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Hatley Road is a firm farmstead cheese, certified organic. It is aged a minimum of three months and has a distinct floral and fruity aroma. It is an unpasteurized cheese. All unpasteurized cheese must be at least 30 days aged if sold in Quebec, or 60 days throughout the rest of Canada.

If you ask Chef Allen about the logic on this, he will tell you its total bollocks and that Canada is the only G8 country that doesn't sell raw milk cheeses that are fresh made and sold fresh (less than 60 days, except in Quebec).

The Hatley Road gets its name from the road that was used by the stage-coaches traveling between Quebec City and Boston. Today, it's along this road that the farm and cheese factory are situated.


  • Cheesemaker
    Fromagerie La Station de Compton
    Eastern Townships
  • Type
    Organic unpasteurized cow milk
    Washed rind, firm pressed, semi-cooked paste
    • Age
      3 months
    • Size
      170 g, 2.4 kg, 4.8 kg
  • Notes
    Floral, fruity
    • Fat
      30 100
    • Moisture 41 100
  • Wine pairing
    Aromatic & flavourful
  • Prizes: won best organic cheese.