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Rossdown Farms

Whole Turkey (Certified Organic, 100% Free Range, No GMO, No Antibiotics, BC) - Deposit $55-75

Whole Turkey (Certified Organic, 100% Free Range, No GMO, No Antibiotics, BC) - Deposit $55-75

Organic & Grass Fed Meats,Gluten Free Foods - Rossdown Farms

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Size options are in KG. (1kg is 2.20462 lbs)

This tasty bird comes from the Fraser Valley. The birds have access to the outdoors, as well as ample skylights for indoors. No antibiotics or hormones.

You will need to pay your deposit and the rest will be due when you collect your bird, or have it delivered. Want a bird under 5kg, call us and ask if we can find one for you (604) 876 8755.

4-6 people 3-5kg

6-8 people 5-7kg

10 people + 7-9kg

This should also include some leftovers, for your sandwiches, pot pies and other great post thanksgiving treats!

Don't forget we also have turkey bone broth to make your gravy! At the store we also usually carry a gluten free stuffing and a Whisky infused cranberry sauce!

Here is a thawing, cooking and size guide

We do have several sizes of birds available so feel free to cal us at the store to make sure we get the right size for your table and guests! (604 876 8755)

*if you fail to show up on your designated pickup time without rescheduling a pickup, we reserve the right to keep your deposit if we have attempted to contact you without success. We lose money on these turkeys when that happens, so please show up for your birds! We always make every attempt to accommodate special circumstances, and always communicate with alternate arrangements wherever possible.