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Ground Lamb (New Zealand, Lumina) Organic, Grass Fed

Ground Lamb (New Zealand, Lumina) Organic, Grass Fed

Organic & Grass Fed Meats - New Zealand Food Company

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500g pack (over 1 lb)

Our new lamb supplier, Lumina, hails from New Zealand. As most of you know, we always buy local if we can, but the quality of this meat is so good that I had to make an exception. It is truly exceptional and I am very proud to put the "HOTRO Signature" label to this amazing lamb.

It is truly the best lamb I have ever eaten. As a chef working with this protein I am in awe of how succulent and tasty it is. The marbling is like Wagyu beef.

I know you will love it.

These Lambs are raised in New Zealand’s iconic hill and high country. LUMINA LAMB has emerged from an unprecedented 10-year program with lambs specifically bred in the New Zealand high country. They discovered a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with marbling on a micro‐scale. This unexpected discovery is leading a revolution in the world’s best restaurants.