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The Mad Brit Sausage Co. - Chicken, Wild Mushroom & IPA Sausages

Sausages - 100% Nitrate Free -

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Most of our sausages are a natural fit for craft beers, but this one is even better because it has Four Winds IPA in it! Our favourite IPA in BC, tons of flavour comes from the earthy mushrooms and chicken, and melds together to make the perfect beer sausage! We recommend cooking off some Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwursts with this sausage if you're cranking up the BBQ with some friends.

The Mad Brit Sausages are consistently voted best in Vancouver by our customers!
With no fillers or nitrates they are an easy and nourishing choice for you and your family.

Chef and HOTRO Owner Allen Ingram has curated 22 dinner sausage recipes that best reflect his vision of tasty, nutritious and healthy sausages, without nitrates or fillers. Consistently lauded as the best sausages in B.C. these varieties offer multiple recipe options for healthy meals.

300g pack containing 4 sausages. Each pack of sausages costs $11.88.

Ingredients are: Free-range chicken, Free-range pork, wild mushrooms, IPA beer (barley, hops, malt, water) sea salt, white pepper, sodium erythorbate, parsley, phosphate, rosemary, tarragon.

This product is usually frozen.

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