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Organic & Grass Fed Meats - Home on the Range Organics

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Every week we will curate a selection of proteins that will include a selection of the following items based on what is available and best value:

  • BC ground meat (either organic or free range chicken, grass fed beef, organic pork, free range turkey, grass fed lamb, BC elk or bison)
  • Pastured organic chicken (whole bird)
  • Mad Brit Sausages
  • Nourish Yourself Bone Broth
  • Organic chicken breast
  • Organic chicken thigh
  • Free range/organic pork chops
  • Grass fed lamb chops
  • Organic/grass fed stew meat (grass fed beef or lamb, organic/free range pork)

The idea is each week our team will choose what we feel is the best available, best value, and most versatile ingredients for your meal recipes!

Each week you will save at least 5-10% on this purchase. Better yet you can leave this product order on repeat and forget about it! We will do the work every week to find you the best deals, and you can cancel at any time without penalty. if you go away, you can simply pause at any time.