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"Nourish Yourself" Bone Broth Cleanse Pack - 10 broths (minimum of 3 flavours will be in your pack)

Bone Broth -

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You will receive 10 broths in this cleanse pack. 1 of those 10 broths is free!

In order to best suit your cleanse we are requiring that you choose at least 3 flavours to get the best mix of amino acid blocks, and variety of minerals.

*Voted Vancouver's #1 favourite Bone Broth (Chicken & Beef)


(we would have taken the crown in more categories but they they were the only 2 types of broth tested!)
How to take a broth cleanse:
  1. We recommend having a 10 day cleanse.
  2. Start your day with a cup of broth.
  3. For lunch have two cups, and add some raw veggies or cook some veggies to ad to your broth.
  4. Have a healthy dinner of your choice. We recommend a protein with steamed vegetables.
If you feel you need to mix it up, you can change breakfast or lunch to a meal of your choice, and replace the third meal with broth.
Always check with your doctor first if you have any major illnesses, or concerns about going onto a primarily liquid diet. 
* (search bone broth)
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